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Youth Fellowship

As a church, we believe our children are our future. We believe that the combined influences of the church and the home mold our children and equip them to reach their world for Christ. Our goal is to provide them with the tools they need to honor God and live Christ-centered lives. To achieve this, we provide opportunities for students to connect with each other while digging deeper into the Word of God. As we engage students in Christ centered conversation about the truth of scripture, we encourage them to find personal application of these truths and to make choices consistent with the teachings in God’s word.

In addition to Wednesday night, we offer other youth activities that help build bonds with each other while engaging in fun, wholesome activities. From all-night laser tag and youth rallies to scavenger hunts and baseball outings, there is something for everyone!

Our Wednesday night youth activities are divided into three groups.

Pee Wee Club

Our Pee Wee’s include our youngest group of children. Through stories, songs and activities, the children learn about the importance of building Godly character.

Patch the Pirate Club and Youth Group

Elementary age children (grades 1—6) meet together for a Bible lesson along with some interactive games.

Currently our “youth group” is helping to minister to our “Pee Wee Club.” This gives them an opportunity to experience serving others.

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