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Tri State Bible Camp
Connie Chapman
Chapmans in Chile (above & below)
Chapmans in Chile
Grace Dental & Medical Missions
Grace Dental & Medical Missions
Grace Dental & Medical Missions
Bryan and Emily Bell and family


Tri State Bible Camp
Each year over 1500 campers enjoy the serenity of God's creation, the excitement of creative activities and the blessing of fellowship with other people at our camp. In this atmosphere, we have seen revival take place in hearts, and countless camper's lives changed for the Glory of God.

Tom and Connie Chapman - Chile
"Each February (one of our vacation months in South America) we have a week of vacation Bible school. This year we had between 49 and 59 children each day from the ages of 2 to 15. The lessons showed the change in the lives of 5 Bible characters because of hearing the Word of God and believing in Christ as Savior. We prayed and continue to pray that God will use these lessons, as well as the verses and songs that were taught, to show each child his need to receive the Lord personally in his heart.

Most of the children are not church children and come from very difficult home situations. We find here in Antofagasta that people want a light religion and are not willing to surrender their lives to the Lord for a life of commitment and service. The families have no knowledge of the Bible and so we pray that these children will continue to come to Sunday school so that we can continue to teach them the Word of God and that we will have opportunities to minister to the parents."
—Tom & Connie

Grace Dental & Medical Missions

Bryan and Emily Bell

"Grace Dental and Medical Missions uses short term field teams to provide dental and medical assistance to missionaries overseas. This ministry provides an evangelistic opportunity by bringing the missionary in contact with those seeking dental or medical care with a particular emphasis on children. God is blessing our ministry with GDMMissions. The scope and effectiveness of the mission is expanding rapidly. There is a need for more logistical and medical staff. As we realize these needs for the future we also rejoice in what God is presently doing. We have recently seen several church plants in which the mission played an strategic role."
—Bryan Bell

Mark and Carol Mavar - Panama

Jeanne Raymond
- Philippines

Craig and Laurie Hartman
- Shalom Ministries

Matthew and Susan Bixby - Mexico

Ross and Cathy Hodsdon - Bibles International Translators traveling world wide

Fred and Mary Mitchell
- Church Planting in North Carolina

Fellowship of Fundamental Bible Churches (FFBC)