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Prayer Time:
9:15—9:45 AM

10:00 AM Sunday School Classes for all ages

11:00 AM Morning Worship

7:00 PM Adult Bible Study & Youth Meetings

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ph 914.458.2092

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9 Little Brooklyn Road
Warwick, NY 10990-2226
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Bible Study

adult fellowship
Sunday Bible Study
adult ministry
adult ministry
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Adult fellowship

Adult Bible Study
Gathering mid-week, our adult bible study explores a wide variety of Biblical topics. We believe that in order to grow in our faith, we need to have a deeper understanding of who God is, what He says through His Word, and what He expects from us. This comes from a deeper, firmer knowledge of the Bible. This informal gathering centers on a lesson from the Bible and includes opportunities for questions and group discussion. But, it is more than just a time of study. It is a fellowship of believers that grow closer to Christ together as we experience the truths of God.

Bible Study
Pastor John leads in-home Bible studies. This provides a more casual atmosphere of studying God’s Word where interaction through questions and comments are encouraged.

Ecclesiastes 12:13